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Doing Good in the Addiction Economy

The world is becoming ever-more addictive and distracting, showering us with short-term rewards. But we can still take control of those mechanisms ... [ kajsotala.fi ]

Dissecting edugames: iCivics.org

The Serious Games Market blog showcases a number of interesting edugames, and I thought that I should try some. One of the posts linked to an inter... [ kajsotala.fi ]

Why I’m considering a career in educational games

Your honor, the prosecution would like to argue that the way the world is currently organized with regard to education vs. entertainment doesn’t re... [ kajsotala.fi ]

New website opened, yay

I revamped my website and finally brought it a little more to the 21st century: no longer handmade HTML for each page! I’ll also be cross-posting m... [ kajsotala.fi ]


Sci-fi/horror short story. With his mad, half-unseeing eyes, Calinob Dis stared into the eternity. The man and women of the Corporation would say h... [ www.xuenay.net ]

A White Death

A brief atmospheric piece. A boy, somewhere in his late teens and with brown reddish hair, lies motionless on the ground... [ kajsotala.fi ]

The Tale of an American Liberal

Political satire about an extreme libertarian. [ www.xuenay.net ]


Sci-fi short story. An operator works to revive a cryogenically preserved man. [ kajsotala.fi ]

A view to the gallery of my mind

The personal LiveJournal of Kaj Sotala (xuenay). I am a geek, transhumanist, singularitarian, role-player, seeker of rationality, wannabe philos... [ xuenay.livejournal.com ]