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Im a blogger, Filmmaker, Director, professional photographer, And im traveling around the world, To understand the world from a different view.

Kush & Wonka Nerds

A classic for the classics [ soundcloud.com ]

Dead & Dying

Song about the people that are dead and dying. [ soundcloud.com ]

I Will Rise

I will rise for the better. To help the world become better. [ soundcloud.com ]

Daps and Pounds (Young Nerdy Mix)

Dap and Pounds (NerdyMix) My part is at the end. [ soundcloud.com ]

Monster Feat Q@@SIM

Life we try to conquer, but we have to be monsters.... [ soundcloud.com ]

Nerds on nerds

No racks On Racks... Its "Nerds on Nerds" [ soundcloud.com ]

World So sad

The "World So SAd" Trying to make it right through music Follow me Twitter.com/YoungNerdyCo [ soundcloud.com ]

What Am I

Trying To figure out how I am. Follow Me on Twitter.com/YoungNerdyCo [ soundcloud.com ]

Nerdy Rock

Rock and Roll in the "Nerdy Style" Follow Me on Twitter.com/YoungNerdyCo [ soundcloud.com ]