Flattr-button on your site

Adding the Flattr button to your site can be both super easy and require some developers skills depending on what kind of site you have. We are here to help you!

1. Do you use a content platform like Soundcloud, Vimeo, Flickr etc?

If it's one of the big ones then chances are that we have built-in support for it. If we do you will be able to connect your account to enable Flattr users to flattr all your content there.

2. Are you using Wordpress?

Wordpress has two different versions. The version they host for you, Wordpress.com and the one you host yourself Wordpress.org.

If you use Wordpress.com add flattr with our Wordpress.com tool

Wordpress.org users should install one of the Wordpress Flattr plugins found in Wordpress.org plugin directory.

3. Are you using a CRM, Wiki, Forum or other Blog software?

Then our vibrant community might have created a plugin, widget or extension for your particular platform. The Flattr developer site lists the third-party plugins, widgets and extensions that we know about.

4. Do you know enough to copy and paste some code?

Then you can easily add a Flattr button to your site by pasting the code snippet for an embeded Flattr button into your webpage HTML code.

5. Have you built your own website or run your own service?

If you have built your own website and know your ways around JavaScript and HTML, then head over to our developer documentation and check out our embedded JavaScript button documentation

The serious developers should take a look at the Flattr Rest API documentation. If you create something cool we'll be happy to feature it in the Flattr app gallery.

If all else fails then just drop us a message and we'll take it from there.