We at Flattr think charities & non-profits are great things. People helping people is a fundamentally good thing for the world and we want to help in the ways we can. Any non-profit or charity can get an account showing they are a registered non-profit or charity. We also remove our fees for receiving money for non-profits and charities that we want to help even more.

Flattr Non-Profit and Charity Accounts

We know there are a vast amount of non-profits and charity organizations out there doing all kind of good work. They have to use the money they get inside the organization and have an official document stating they are a non-profit or charity. As that is great for the flattr users to know we mark these accounts with non-profit or charity. Any registered non-profit or charity can get these accounts.

Flattr selected No-fee Account

We also pick organizations that we want to support ourselves by removing their fees for receiving money. Not all registered non-profits or charities can get a Flattr No-fee Account. We remove the fee for organizations that we think helps the world in a profound way.

These will normally get a no-fee account - Humanitarian help, Environment preservation, Animal help, Research on diseases, and other organizations that we like.

These will normally not get a no-fee account - Churches, Political parties, Sports, Culture, Events, Exhibitions, Software.

There are of course exceptions to this and we know this is a judgment call from us that will be quite hard to be consistent in. We will do our best.

This is how you can apply for a Flattr Non-Profit, Charity and No-fee Account:

  1. Create a Flattr account.
  2. Update your user profile with the correct information.
  3. Use the contact form and provide us with the flowing info:
    • Charity or Non-profit name
    • Information on what your organization does
    • Proof that you are a registered charity/non-profit

If and when your application is approved you will get a message about it and your account will be flagged as "Non-profit", "Charity" and/or "No-fee".