It's been a bit of a roller coaster year, but then, when are years anything else? The one lesson that I am constantly reminded of year after year is that us humans are so damned... human - with our limited experience being all we have, our ability to be so irrational a lot of the time, and our stubbornness and our reluctance to hold our hands up and say 'I'm wrong'. So, here are four lessons that I learnt from 2012 - some came about from mistakes I made, and some were things I had known all along that had just become static noise in an endless sea of noisy ideas. #1 - Be a better investigator "I learnt from Joe Nickell, it is easy to sit at home and speculate as to what is happening and what the intentions of the people involved are, but you very rarely get things right by that process of investigation. It isn’t until you actually visit places and see the areas involved through your own eyes that you can start to get a feel for what is what. It isn’t until you speak to the people involved that you More