commute 1. travel to and from one's daily work, usually in a city, especially by car or train 2. change (a judicial sentence etc) to another less severe. According to Joe Moran's wonderfully entertaining piece of pop-sociology, Queuing for Beginners, the bored commuter has become a symbol of the drudgery of daily life.  If, like me, you have braved the perils of London's public transport system with its frequent hiccups and full-scale breakdowns, you'll understand why. Scientific studies have shown that the humble commuter undergoes more stress than a fighter pilot despite being in no imminent danger - only the wrath of an irate boss should they turn up late. The reason? Unlike the fighter pilot, the urban traveller has no control over what happens to him.  He is powerless. Now I live in Prague, my journey to work has ceased to be a chore and has instead become one of the minor highlights of my day.  For a start, it's much shorter. As I've said before, Prague is far more compact city th More