If you are a traveler or a local in Adelaide, SA and you are interested in watching the streams(most of them in english I think) of the 26C3, the 26th Chaos Communication Congress of the German Hacker Organisation Chaos Computer Club (CCC) please contact me. We probably need a projector and definitely a good Internet connection with unlimited(!) traffic in a place that's not too hot;) It will take place from the 27th through to the 30th of December 2009. update: With 2 people, this was probably the smallest Dragons Everywhere in the world, held in a (A/C) 6-Bed-Hostel Room with 39°C outside and a veeery slow WiFi Connection over the city-wide free Internode Network. Thanks to UniSA though, for ...unlimited... traffic/downloads, so we could at least watch the (torrent) downloaded videos, if not the streams;) More