Displaying large regression models without overwhelming the reader can be challenging. I believe that forestplots are amazingly well suited for this. The plot gives a quick understanding of the estimates position in comparison to other estimates, while also showcasing the uncertainty. This project started with some minor tweaks to prof. Thomas Lumleys forestplot and ended up in a complete remake of the function. In this post I'll show you how to tame the plot using data from my latest article. I've used the plots in my two latest publications and they have had a warm reception. In the latest study we compared Swedish with Danish patient's health related quality of life after a total hip arthroplasty. We were interested in comparing if there was a difference between common explanatory variables in Denmark and Sweden, i.e. the generalizability. The Swedish data set was vast while the Danish was a tiny sample resulting in very different confidence intervals. You can find the main graph below. Tutor More