Today I present an interesting aritcle on Bad Blocks, first published on Hardware fails, that is a fact. Nowadays, hard drives are rather reliable, but nevertheless every now and then we will see drives failing or at least having hiccups. Using smartcl/smartd to monitor disks is a good thing, below we will discuss how some lesser issues can be handled without actually having to reboot the system – it is still up to a sys admin’s own discretion to judge circumstances correctly and evaluate whether disk errors encountered are a one time incident or indicative of an entirely failing disk. Interessante articolo sulla gestione dei bad blocks, pubblicato su L'hardware si rompe, è un fatto. Al giorno d'oggi, i dischi rigidi sono piuttosto affidabili, ma comunque ogni tanto vedremo degli errori occasionali nei drive o fargli fare qualche singhiozzo. Utilizzare smartcl/smartd per monitorare i dischi è una buona co More