I needed a new printer for home ... I do not do professional things, and having the desk already filled, my only requirement was that it be wireless so that I can put it somewhere where I have more space. I found the Lexmark Impact S305 as the first price for wireless printer at the mall. It was 49 euros and included a scanner, SD reader, and direct printing of photos. Although there have been some negative opinions about the Lexmark support to Linux, I decided to buy it. Avevo bisogno di una nuova stampante per casa, non devo fare cose professionali, ma avendo la scrivania già piena il mio unico requisito era : wireless. Ho trovato la Lexmark Impact S305 come primo prezzo, 49 euro compreso scanner, lettore diretto SD ed'opzione per la stampa di foto; benchè ci fosse in giro qualche parere negativo sul supporto di Lexmark a Linux ho deciso di acquistarla. As I unboxed it, there was the printer, 1 CD for installing, 1 CD for the guarantee, a trouble-shooting guide, and a worksheet fo More