Today i want to show you some examples done with Zenity. Zenity is a cross-platform program that allows the execution of GTK+ dialog boxes in command-line and shell scripts. Like tools such as whiptail and dialog, zenity allows for easy creation of GUIs, though it has fewer features than more complex GUI creation tools: "Other scripting languages such as Perl and Python can be used to construct full-scale GUI applications, but the zenity program enables a shell script to interact with a GUI user.... [The] user interface is not as refined as one that could be provided by a full-featured GUI application, but it is perfectly suitable for simple interactions." Oggi voglio mostrarvi alcuni esempi fatti con Zenity . Zenity è un programma multipiattaforma che permette l'esecuzione di finestre di dialogo GTK + da riga di comando e script di shell. Come strumenti quali whiptail e dialog, zenity permette una facile creazione di interfacce grafiche, anche se ha meno funzionalità rispetto a strumenti più com More