yup. its minimal. subtle changes over long periods of time. that's pretty much the point. looking for a "drop"? no, not all my tracks are same, i like to switch it up... so wait untill i make your big farty bassline club smasher with "sick drops" or just go listen to skrillex or something in the meantime. *shrug* im working. More

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xmas stuff.

little bit of noodling around with a classic. download. enjoy. happy xmas. [ soundcloud.com ]


merry xmas peoples! will finish this one up soonish for ya. [ soundcloud.com ]

Radiohead - Codex (deadmau5 cover)

a "no sampling involved at all" cover of radioheads "codex" .. a personal favorite of mine. [ soundcloud.com ]

Deadmau5 - Survivalism (ins)

...and heres just an instrumental... cept for that vocal bit thing. [ soundcloud.com ]


still working on it. needs some bells n whitles n edits and filterwork and some other crap. but, this should do the horde for now :D thanks for wa... [ soundcloud.com ]

Fn Pig

from last night. [ soundcloud.com ]

The Veldt

Yet another work in progress on a sorta productive night. yes, the title is from "The World Children Made" its a good book. you should read it. [ soundcloud.com ]

Sunspot (da eXXXXXXtreme drop mix)

a more palatable version of sunspots for everyone whos only been listening to electronic music for the past year. [ soundcloud.com ]

there might be coffee

work in progress, still needs to be mixed n mastered. ill get around to it eventually. [ soundcloud.com ]

Yay cubase

HUZZAH! i be cubasin. [ soundcloud.com ]