My first mini mix. Dubstep -> Moombah. Comment for tracknames. More

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Improvised mix of poopier tunes. Beginning got cut out due to some technical difficulties, my bad. It gets better as it goes on, i promise. I trie... [ ]


Inspired by Minnesota thunderstorms. Off my upcoming Mullet Madness EP. Enjoy. [ ]

Scripted Thoughts

First track I've ever finished. Starts at 140, speeds up to 172.75. Props to Big Chocolate for a few samples. [ ]

Fluke - Native Failure

This is a song. I made this song. I quite like this song. I don't know what to do with it, so have it fo free. And no, it's not copypaste step. ... [ ]

Sticky Japanese "Party" Robot

UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ. Half time electro?!?! Does that even exist? It does now. Shout outs to Pee Wee Herman on the drums and Conky on the synt... [ ]


The last section is the best part. Yes, that does mean you have to listen to the whole thing. Like me on facebook for a free download. [ ]

Sonata #1

I know it's not technically a sonata, but fuck you Merriam-Webster. This is a song I've been working on for a long time, but mixing it sucked so m... [ ]

The Rot

Your grandmother's favorite song. [ ]

Caught Staring

You gotta listen to the whole track on this one. Not your everyday copypastestep. Proud of this track. I'm definitely getting better at this, an... [ ]