Is this really Cute? I don't think so. We all have recently heard of what Nokia did to ambitions of thousands of developers especially Qt developers around the world by practically discontinuing support on MeeGo and Qt. Although they have many times acknowledged that we are not going to end the MeeGo/Qt era but what we are so certain about business people is that they are not going to tell true stories to children. So to be honest I do not feel good about the future of Qt in the hands of devil. But the story does not end here, on the other hand we are developing Choqok in the KDE planet and by planet I mean a large amount of people who are doing free software stuff and producing very beautiful buggy systems. Although it has been improved very good over time but as developers we feel it is time to get some rest and take a shower, bugs have made us look ugly in the eyes of community. So we have to confess that we are tired on desktop environment bugs being counted as our bugs. We are going to find the sta More