The Bloomingdale Trail design team, a consortium of engineers, planners, artists, and horticulture experts from Chicago and around the country, presented their latest designs at the final public meeting on Monday night at the Humboldt Park field house. The elevated park's design was divided into 7 segments and printed on enormous posters in two rooms. An eighth segment summarized the phenology planting concept and artwork scattered across the Bloomingdale Trail. I inspected many of the designs and listened to people express their admiration, excitement, as well as lingering concerns. They included: How tall is the privacy screen? 10 feet; the privacy screen consists of a metal mesh wall covered in plants. Will traffic configurations change on Lawndale Avenue or Bloomingdale Avenue? Nope. How are fast cyclists going to be slowed down? This question has been answered identically at every meeting: the design team has implemented a variety of solutions including horizontal and vertical "deflection" More