Sometimes you need to clone partitions on your hard drive for various reasons, hd damaged, creating a RAID 1 or something similar, then it is often tedious and impractical to perform the operation using the normal tools like fdisk, in this case you can use sfdisk. As reported in the manual: sfdisk is a non-interactive program to edit the partition table, which is useful for creating scripts. The normal use of this service program involves the preparation of a file containing the instructions on the partitions to be created within a disk specified explicitly. Even if there is a special syntax for these instructions, it may be convenient to use since it is obtained from a query with the same sfdisk, as will be shown. Può capitare di dover clonare le partizioni del vostro hard disk per vari motivi, un hd danneggiato, la creazione di un RAID 1 o cose simile, allora spesso risulta noioso e poco pratica fare l’operazione mediante i normali strumenti come fdisk, in questo caso ci viene in aiuto sfdisk. More