[ad#ebook_vol1_txt]   OpenSesame is a graphical builder for psychological experiments. In this interview, Sebastiaan Mathôt, lead developer of OpenSesame, talks about the project, his motivations and the importance of openness in Science. F4S: Hi Sebastiaan. Please, give us a brief introduction about yourself. Right now I'm on a half year visit to the Université de Provence in Marseille. But headquarters is the department of cognitive psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam, where I work as a PhD student . In a nutshell, my research has to do with eye movements and visual stability—The question of how we manage to construct a stable representation of our surroundings based on the chaotic visual input that reaches our brain. If all goes well, I'll hand in my thesis later this year. F4S: What is OpenSesame? OpenSesame is a program that makes creating psychological/ neuroscientific experiments as easy as possible. Psychological experiments are fairly stereotyped: Despite the diversi More