[ad#ebook_vol1_txt] Today's interview is with Ivan Idris, author of NumPy 1.5 Beginner's Guide a book for developers or scientists with a little Python experience and wanting to test NumPy's capabilities. We talk about the book, how it came to be and the experience writing it. Enjoy! F4S: Welcome Ivan. Please, give us a brief introduction about yourself. Ivan: My name is Ivan Idris and I have a MSc in Experimental Physics. My graduation thesis had a strong emphasis on Applied Computer Science. It involved building a state of the art real-time measurement system for a nuclear Physics lab. After graduating I worked for several companies as Software Developer using Open Source software. As a Developer I have been part of a number of projects involving large scale, high performance numerical computations: - Financial securities (mostly bonds) models. - Real-time optimization and monitoring of network traffic for High Frequency Trading. - Propensity/Engagement models in the context of web More