The one button project was born in yet another attempt to fix social problems through technology. Though this doesn’t work most of the time – in this case it might actually work – be it only as yet another social experiment. Makefu was annoyed by bad music playing in the shack’s lounge one too many times and decided he had to do something about it. He came up with the idea to use a pushbutton to just delete that annoying song which is currently running. As electronics is not his core competency exco aggreed to partner up in this project. History lane detour Since the internet – yes, this is a reference to the “internet” from popular TV show The IT Crowd and it was a big red button, lit by an LED, making an awful lot of noise when pressed – was in bad shape and the red glowy button caught their eye. Therefore they decided to re-use it in this new project. So the quest began to improve the old internet with some additional features. Re-using old hardware Wookie tried hooking up the ele More