This week we have an interview with Richard Holland, Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder of Eagle Genomics a bioinformatics company that leverages scientific open source software to support its business model. Enjoy the interview! F4S: Greetings Richard. Please, give us a brief introduction about your company Eagle Genomics. Richard: Eagle Genomics is an outsourced bioinformatics services and software company specialising in genome content management and the provision of open-source solutions. Eagle consistently delivers quality and value-for-money for customers across the biotech sector, combining cloud and NGS expertise with a track record in building scalable, efficient genomics analysis workflows. F4S: When and why was Eagle Genomics founded? Where is it located? Richard: The company was founded in May 2008 and is based in offices on the Babraham Research Campus, just to the South of Cambridge, UK. It was started because we saw a need for commercial support for users of the Ensembl genome br More