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With Flattr, supporting creators becomes a natural part of life. Paying for content does not only feel good, it makes the world a better place.

You feel great

Supporting creators gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. Flattr is a “Like” with real value. It’s about being a part of the creation of great content.

More & better content

By flattring creators you help them create. It gives them both money and energy to create more and better content. Content for you to enjoy.

Keep the internet open & free

We believe in an open and free internet. Supporting creators is the way to enable more content to be free and open. It’s the next step in the internet evolution.

"I like Likes but a Flattr makes me blush and feel proud of my work. That is a feeling worth giving to someone you appreciate for whatever reason." - Helen Alfvegren

"Supporting creators is a completely different feeling than buying content. It's like hugging someone to thank him for sharing an idea or an emotion." - Lionel Dricot

Remember that everybody is a creator

On the internet everybody is a creator. All our accounts can both give and receive flattrs. Who knows, maybe people out there see a value in what you tweet, photograph or blog and want to flattr you.

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